Just as we want to take good care of our hotel guests, we also want to take good care of the world and the people around us. We make conscious choices and try to make our choices as green as possible... and this time and time again.

You can hold De Zeeuwse Stromen to the following:

  • We continuously deepen our knowledge of CSR developments and trends within our field of expertise and apply them whenever possible. We also share our knowledge with those who want to learn our trade.
  • We inform colleagues, guests and suppliers that we are socially responsible.
  • We make transparent agreements with both guests and suppliers regarding the quality of our products and services and how we monitor them.
  • Besides the financial impact we determine and limit the negative social and environmental impact such as fraud, intimidation, exploitation and child labor.
  • We make voluntary contributions to social causes through donations, sponsorships and voluntary work.
  • We work continuously to reduce our environmental impact and increase the sustainable nature of our business. By actively striving to reduce waste streams and the consumption of gas, water, electricity and fossil fuels.
  • We work continuously to improve our own purchasing process and focus on goods and services that are sustainable, preferably with a recognized environmental and/or sustainability and/or social label, and local.
  • We guard the continuity of both the organization and our colleagues. We take care of provisions and a financial buffer should we have to deal with a loss of income.