The key to a more sustainable world

Green Key is the largest sustainability hallmark for the tourism and recreation industry. Almost 700 Dutch companies have already obtained this label - from hotels and restaurants to zoos and bungalow parks. And so has Hotel De Zeeuwse Stromen! We go for green. 

The GreenKey certificate indicates that as a hotel we do more in the field of sustainability than the law requires of us. We meet - at a minimum - the standards of the international GreenKey organization and do everything we can to preserve the environment without compromising comfort and quality for our guests. 

But what exactly do we do? Here is a sample of our Sustainable activities:

  • We have a GreenTeam and a CSR declaration
  • Stimulate local activities in the field of cultural heritage, social, nature and/or environmental activities.
  • De Zeeuwse Stromen makes a social contribution through sponsorships and we work structurally with ASeal in Stellendam. 
  • We are very accessible for disabled guests. 
  • Various water-saving measures have been taken.
  • We use ecological cleaning products in a dosage device.
  • There is an ECO label on our soap and shampoo in the bathrooms.
  • Waste separation: from plastic to coffee grounds.
  • Purchasing as much as possible sustainably and locally. 
  • Various energy-saving measures such as LED lighting, light sensors, smart thermostats, high-efficiency boilers, insulation and more. 
  • No minibars in the rooms. 
  • Renovations and re-styling with reusable materials, recycled carpets and 2ND life furniture. 
  • Utilize our own herb garden and have a fauna friendly courtyard by including insect hotels and many bird nesting opportunities.
  • Have our own charging stations for electric bikes and cars. 
  • Use towels in rooms again, just leave them hanging! Towels on the floor means, please new towels.