Green in thought and action

Those who live with nature and live and work in a place like Renesse have a different attitude to life. From the very first moment De Zeeuwse Stromen reopened its doors in 1997, that awareness was there. A way of thinking that still runs like a green thread through its operations today: "Let's be as little nuisance to nature as possible..."

This mindset fits perfectly with our mission to give future generations the chance to continue making wonderful memories in this beautiful environment. 

Our green initiatives

At De Zeeuwse Stromen, we are aware that we are in a unique part of the Netherlands, with an unprecedented degree of biodiversity. With this in mind, we feel the responsibility to safeguard this for future generations. Choices, big and small, contribute to this every day. We do all this without compromising on comfort; after all, we are a four-star hotel. We believe in thinking and acting green. How? You can read about that below. How can you contribute to this yourself? You can read about that too on this page.